Franchisors, Wayne and Bobbi Dunning have been in the food business since… well… just about forever. Looking for their next venture, the Dunnings purchased an old liquor store in their community of Seymour, Missouri in 2004. They razed the building, rebuilt and opened their restaurant, which quickly became a local favorite and a traveler’s roadside destination for the "Best Hot Dogs in Town."

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Uncle Roosters® the Name Game Answer

A common question travelers ask us, "How did you get the name Uncle Roosters®? Simple, Wayne is warmly known to friends and family as “Rooster”, thus our catchy name Uncle Roosters® . And Bobbi, the baker of the family, is the namesake for Aunt Bobbi’s® delectable desserts. Of course as you can imagine, Uncle Rooster and Aunt Bobbi have become slightly famous in and around Seymour, Missouri due to the friendly nature of their restaurant.

Uncle Roosters® , the Menu "It Ain't Just Chicken!"

After deciding on the name Uncle Roosters® , the featured menu item was just as easy. Uncle Rooster’s favorite… “Chicago-Style Hot Dogs.” The menu, a Midwest Family-Friendly menu is chocked full of classic American foods, comfort style. When people have a special occasion or just want some good food, they come to Uncle Roosters® .


And They Grew...

In 2008 the dynamic duo remodeled, expanded into an intimate 135-seat restaurant, gift shop and party room. The menu grew along with the kitchen. Enlarging the kitchen provided for additional family-recipe inspired appetizers, entrées and more. They added soups & salads, catfish, chicken, sausages, Italian Beef, burgers, barbecued pork and beef, plus kids' meals with activity sheets just to name few. Of course, that famous “Chicago Dog” and “Chicago Pup” have remained an Uncle Roosters® staple.

Uncle Roosters® Family Environment

There are many family-friendly features at Uncle Roosters® . Aunt Bobbi’s great idea of replacing a guest book with ‘Signing the floor’ quickly became an all-time guest tradition. Children of all ages are entertained by the many magic tricks performed by our wait staff. To complete that downhome feel, we support local artisans and craftsmen by displaying their work and exhibiting it for sale throughout the restaurant as well as in the lobby gift shop.


Speaking of the Gift Shop

Take some of Uncle Roosters® yummy sauces and desserts home with you. Aunt Bobbi’s® desserts are baked fresh daily. Packaged sauces and more grace the shelves, ready to be served at your home or at a party. YUM!


Supporting the local community is important to Wayne and Bobbi. The gift shop doubles as a gallery for the local arts and crafts trade; creating an interesting, ever-changing plethora of gifts.

And Uncle Roosters® Continues to Grow

Until a couple of years ago, Uncle Rooster and Aunt Bobbi were perfectly content to run their restaurant… then entered the idea of franchising, expanding the Uncle Roosters® brand nationwide. Motivated by their attention to detail, smooth operation, proprietary recipes of the finest combination of ingredients, and an extremely high return guest ratio, franchising is a natural progression for this restaurant model. They are currently looking for individuals to join the Uncle Roosters® family in their area.

Uncle Roosters® coming soon to your neck of the woods....See you there!



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