Uncle Roosters® Menu Highlights

A Family-Friendly Menu !

People want to relax and connect with family and friends at Uncle Roosters® . Our focus is family-friendly dining as entertainment, cooked fresh-to-order meals and the best desserts this side of the Mississippi, served home-style all at value pricing.


For starters… Sweet Corn Nuggets, Chili Cheese Fries and Onion Battered Green Beans spotlight our appetizer menu.

On the lighter side we serve Homemade Soups which rotate daily as well as Uncle Rooster’s Salad and Award Winning Chili.

Top off your main menu choice with sumptuous side dishes such as Sweet Potato Fries, Rooster’s Potato Salad and Rooster’s Secret Recipe BBQ Beans. As always, our main menu items make it hard to choose Catfish, Cod or Shrimp Dinners, Johnsonville Sausages and The Famous Chicago Dog made with Vienna beef direct from Chicago. 

Our Best in Southwest Missouri Italian Beef is thinly sliced and cooked in Italian seasonings, served on a French roll dipped in au jus and topped with sweet peppers and mild pepperocini. Add pepperocini (hot pepper mix) for a delicious Beef and Cheese Italian Beef Sandwich.

At Uncle Roosters® you’ll find our basics are not-so-basic, try our Burgers, Famous Fried Chicken, Chicken Strips, Fish Sandwich, Signature Reuben, Philly Cheese and Homemade BBQ Pork or Chicken Sandwiches, you won’t regret it. For the selective pallet, you’ll discover these hard-to-find regional favorites− Chicken Livers and Chicken Gizzards.

For the younger generation, Uncle Roosters® delivers a true Kid-Friendly Menu. As always, our guests are entertained with card tricks and games by our “fantastic” table servers but most importantly don’t forget to sign our guest floor before you leave. The kids will love it!

Aunt Bobbi’s® Delectable Baked Goods

At Uncle Roosters® , you know when it’s made by
Aunt Bobbi it always tastes better.


“Aunt Bobbi’s® homemade desserts are so good, so tasty, so delectable… we should serve them first.” Choose from mouthwatering pies, cakes, cookies and more. Our dessert menu changes daily featuring seasonal fresh fruits, so feel free to visit time, and time again to savor the infinite options.

“If we are what we eat, why not be sweet.”


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